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A vacation in France conjures up visions of great gourmet meals and superb wines - and why not because more often than not, that is what is on offer wherever you visit this country. Self Catering Holidays Rentals in France, including Holiday Gites can vary from cottage type properties to others that are a bit more luxurious, but whatever your accommodation type, generally, you will experience a holiday that offers something a little bit different.

By area, it is the largest country in Western Europe with a population of almost 60 million inhabitants and if you have ever visited or lived in France then you will know that to interrupt a French persons lunch is just asking for trouble. Eating is probably a French persons favourite occupation for they spend a great deal of time planning, talking about and consuming food.

France produces some of the greatest wines you will ever come across and you will never be far from a region that is famous for its grape based produce.

The geography of France sees it stretching from the gentle rolling hills and plains of the North to the mountainous South where you will find The Pyrenees stretching across the border with Spain and the Alps to the South East where it borders with Switzerland and Italy.
France also has 3 distinct and different coastlines. To the North there is the English Channel with many great beaches which have been famed by the incidents and battles which took place during World War 2. To the West lies the Atlantic Coast which harbours many great beaches and seaside towns such as La Rochelle and Biarritz and to the South is the infamous Mediterranean with Cannes, Nice and St Tropez.

The capital of La France is of course Paris and any first time visit to France would not be complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Sacre Coeur .....
But there are many other great cities in France, each of which can provide you with as much interest as the capital and they include Lyon, Bordeaux, Orleans, Marseille, Nantes, Dijon .....

Interested in seeing many Grand Chateaux ? - then although they can be found in most of the French regions, the Loire Valley is a must. Indeed, whatever your taste and whatever you are looking for in a holiday, it is not hard to see why France has attracted and enchanted generations of visitors from all over the world.

Listed below are the regions from which you can pick your (Holiday Gites, Cottages, Farmhouses, Farm Cottages, Chateaux...) for your Self Catering Holiday in France

France Holiday Region

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Brittany, Bretagne
Gite Brittany France - Self Catering + B&B Gites in Brittany .....
Basse Normandie
Gite Lower Normandy France - Self Catering + B&B Gites in L. Normandy .....
Haute Normandie
Gite Upper Normandy France - Self Catering + B&B Gites in U. Normandy .....
Gites in the Loire - gites, cottages, chateaux in Loire Valley .....
Gites France Centre - gites & chateaux in Centre .....
Burgundy, Bourgogne
Gites in Burgundy - Burgundy B&B & Cottages in Burgundy .....
Poitou Charentes
Gites in Poitou Charentes - Gites in Charente Maritime .....
Gite holiday Limousin France - Self Catering + B&B Gites in Limousin .....
Holidays in Auvergne France - Self Catering + B&B Gites in Auvergne .....
Rhone Alpes
Holidays in Rhone Alpes France - Self Catering + B&B Gites in Rhone Alpes .....
Gites in Aquitaine + Gites in Dordogne - Self Catering + B&B .....
Midi Pyrenees
Gites in Midi Pyrenees + Gites in Lot - Self Catering + B&B .....
Languedoc Rousillon
Languedoc Gite Holiday - gites, cottages & chateaux .....
Provence Cote d'Azur
Gites in Provence - Holiday Accommodation in Provence - Self Catering + B&B .....

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